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Time has witnessed how this place has metamorphosed from a mere settlement of sojourners into what we now see as a well-organized civilization. As God has pre-meditated to situate a new strong community in this forte of His dearly-loved Ilocos Norte, he has brought together people of different lineage to communally fulfill this plan.


Different endeavors were relevantly taken in building up this kibbutz. Through the years, enigmas of situations have finally completed into the present fulfilling image of a progressive community.


Solsona as we now call in this age is so delighted to honor its much-awaited centennial celebration. These 100 years of history draw its root through Executive Order No. 135 when Governor General W. Cameron Forbes approved the reconstitution of Solsona as an independent municipality which took effect in January 1, 1910.


Solsona continues to climb to its summit and it gives pride to every Solsonian in the world. And as a way to thank the Lord for His eternal love and supervision, Solsona, through the efforts and passion of its people, will be dynamically conducting a month-long celebration in January 2010 in time for the 3rd Gameng Festival.


As it is being called the “Land of Sunrise”, Solsona will continue to shine its radiance in the years to come.

Solsona Initiates Vermicomposting Project:

Vermicomposting uses earthworms to turn organic wastes into very high quality compost.

LGU Initiative/LGU Fund:

  • Construction of 12 units vermibeds with dimensions of 1 meter by 3 meters
  • An expansion of 5 units vermibeds

 Sobstrates Used/Sources:

  1. Abattoir wastes
  2. Animal wastes/manure: swine, cattle, carabao
  3. Market wastes: vegetables, pilings/rotten vegetables 
  4. Weeds/Grass clippings
  5. Farm wastes: rice straw, corn stalks
  6. Daily wastes from plaza and municipal hall
  7. Legominous Materials (leaves of Madre Cacao, Ipil-ipil, Mougbean, Peanut)

Decomposition Process:

  • Phase 1: 15 days-anaerobic
  • Phase 2: +30 to 40 days-aerobic
  • Phase 3: +7 days-harvesting

Personnel Involved:

  • 1 Agricultural Technologist: Mr. GilbertRetuta
  • 2 Casual Employees: Mr. Ruel dela Cruz & Mr. Jeffmar Laureta
  • Over-all In-charge: Engr. Ranison D. Narciso

SOLSONA: Celebrating the 114th Independence Day


June 12, 2012

Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan is the theme for this year’s 114th Anniversary of the proclamation of the Philippine Independence. It tells us that every single Filipino has a big role to play in the development of our country an innate sense of solidarity and shared vision for progress and peace will continue to flow in the veins and hearts of our people and our country towards a brighter future.

The townspeople commemorated the struggle of the men and women who paved the way for the birth of our nation. Our hard-earned independence comes with responsibility to build a prosperous nation as well as a municipality bounded on truth, justice, peace and equality.

A simple program started the day with the Municipal employees and DepEd Elementary and High School showing their love and respect to our flag through the singing of Lupang Hinirang.

Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan

The DILG Officer Ms. Chariz Garma gave her message in line with this year’s theme, inculcating in the mind and heart of Solsonians the values of our heroes showed for the sake of independence.

After the short program, everyone proceeded to the “tuwid na daan” or Solsona-Apayao Road for the tree planting. All Barangays had the flag raising and tree planting in their own areas.

Knowing the values of our heroes we remain united and steadfast to the ideas of freedom and democracy and allowed us to emerged even stronger and firm in the face of adversity.